Mom court

One evening last week Bubba our youngest son came and said we need you for Mom court. The explanation was a little hard to understand but evidently Kegan got a video for his birthday of Yogi Bear.( Didn't know they knew who that was). But Bubba had received a soccer ball when he went to camp. So he traded his soccer ball for 49% ownership of Yogi bear video. 
So Kegan (the 51% owner) said they can not watch it and bubba said 51% only entitles you to deciding whether to fast forward or not but not if you could watch it or not. So they took it to Mom court because they knew Mom would be fair (so he said) as he was trying to sway me in his direction. 
My final decision was they both knew the family rule. There is no buy, sell, trade, or give away of any property, so everything had to go back to its rightful owner. Then I got told I was not being fair and so then the final final decision was go away and quit wasting my time! I really don't remember that part of it but that is what they said that I told them.