Tip to Quickly Change Behaviors in your teen and pre teens

I like to add tips for families on what has worked for me in my adoption/foster care/parenting journey. I am a parent trainer at my paying job. I am trained to teach Parenting with Love and Logic, Parenting By Design, Trust Based Relational Intervention, Anger Management, Crisis Intervention, Youth mental health Fist Aid, and I am certified as a Parenting Life Coach. 

I have tried many parenting strategies, many hours of reading watching videos and attending seminars and classes in my many years of parenting. But I have finally stumbled upon something that works with teens, pre teens and even your grown children. 

Get a Blog! Explain to them that anything and everything they say or do is bloggable. When they are acting a fool, just remind them with one little phrase. "I think that is bloggable" It straightens them out very quickly.

Acting crazy in church? Bloggable. Throwing a temper tantrum? Let them know you can put videos on your blog. Cant get your 8 year old out of your bed? Bloggable! Always be prepared with incriminating pictures. 

You no longer have to read and search for that perfect parenting strategy just get a blog. Works every time.