Simple Joys

I placed a sibling group a few days ago into a brand new foster home. Usually we would not place a new home with three kids all at once, but this family will be a strong advocate for these kids.

 As I am helping them get their one bag each out of the trunk of my car the 7 year old grabs a tube of tooth paste out of the basket that she had received from the shelter they were in. I ask what are you doing with that. She proudly holds up a balloon and says " I'm going to squeeze it into this balloon."
I say no your not and she says "its ok I have another tube this is extra".

As we walk into the house past new foster mom I tell her you need to confiscate the balloon or toothpaste one.

It amazes me the resiliency that kids have. They have been taken from their parents, lost their home and family, lived in a temporary shelter with strangers for days and now moving into a new home with new foster parents and she can find joy in a balloon and a tube of toothpaste.

If we could all find such joy in something so simple. I love my job!