After Camp

Royal Family Kids Camp is a wonderful camp for foster children. We have been so blessed the last 10 years by Royal Family in Granbury because they also take adoptive kids. So they have hosted most of the Rooks kids for multiple years. This year was the last year until our 2 year old turns 6. They are past the age that they accept.

When Bubba came home last year he told me about a little boy he met at camp. This young man was in foster care and the same age as Bubba. Bubba told him that we would adopt him because we adopt everyone. For weeks before camp this year he has been talking about Blake and how he hopes that he is at camp. So he came home yesterday and guess who was at camp?  So again Bubba talks to him about being adopted but Blake tells Bubba he does not want to be adopted without his little sister. Over Dinner Bubba is trying to convince us that we need to adopt Blake and little sister as well.

So sad that an 11 year old and younger sister can stay in foster care for so long because they are SO old or because they are a sibling group. Come on people step up!