Life Goes On

This has been a very hard time for the Rooks family after losing a very important part of our family.
This was something I wrote and my daughter read at the funeral.

National Adoption Day 2013
Tyran came to live in our home when he was 15 years old. We were his first white family and he was not really happy about it either. He walked in mad told the case worker Im not staying. But he did. ( might have been for the cookie) I thank God every day I had a chance to be his Mom for those few years. I have so many great memories of times we shared. One of my favorite is when he was in high school and trying to pass ms. Avalos’s class. Reading was not Tyran’s thing and I sat on the steps of the laundry room with him every night reading To Kill A Mockingbird while he ironed his t-shirts and socks for the next day. Or that big goofy grin he would get when he tried to convince me to make him another batch of cookies. No matter what he was going through he would always smile through it and he always knew how to make me smile. Whether it was singing to me with a Barbie guitar in his hand or when I told him to go to the yonder and he says “ where is the yonder is that where the white people live?

  Tyran taught us so much. He taught us what racism really was, the subtle remarks and suspicious glares. He taught us that God sees no color and how he loved his little brothers and sisters. But most of all Tyran taught us how important it is that all kids have a home. It doesn’t matter if they are 2 or 18 they need a family. Tyran is the reason we work so hard everyday to find homes for teens in foster    care.  Tyran made a lasting impression on this world.  

I have a peace that only God can give, lots of great memories, and a new determination to work harder for teens in foster care. If you have ever thought about fostering I encourage you to take that first step now. If you currently foster I want to encourage you to consider caring for teens. If you cant foster reach out and support those who do.