Don't drink the Cool Aid

Friday was the last day of school and it is the beginning of a very looooong summer. On my way home from work Thursday night after a 12 hour day, I get a call from my youngest asking me to bring home two bottles of glue and some cool aid for his hair.
"You are going to put glue and cool Aid in your hair?"
"No Mom we are making slime with the glue and we want to color our hair for the last day of school"
I stop at the store buy 4 colors of cool aid and the last two bottles of elmers glue. Apparently the slime phase has been good for sales.
I come home and older sister is doing all of their hair. Well it ends up only two of them are brave enough. So Heather comes in with pink tips on her long blonde hair. Not too bad. Bubba comes in first of all to tell me he cant do it because precious told him she would have to put the boiling water with Cool aid over his head. (At least he was smart enough to say no" Then they decide there is another way to do it. So he comes back a short time later with slightly green hair.
Friday morning we get them up for school. About 10 min later bubba comes in with a shower cap on his head because he decided it was not green enough and he wanted to redo it. We finally tell him he does not have time the bus will be here in 15 min. He removes the cap to green hair and forehead and hands. I tell him to go wash hands and forehead. HE makes it out the door in time for the bus with moldy looking hair. Thirty min later we get a call to bring him a cap. Deahl makes a trip to school to take a cap.
I get a call from Deahl shortly after asking if I had noticed what was on the cabinet. He had discovered an empty bottle of green food coloring.
So if you see my son walking around for the next couple of weeks with strange looking hair no he is not a chia pet.