People are always asking me how I run a house with so many kids. How do I keep it clean and things running smooth. My answer who said I did? Yesterday (the day after Valentines day) after working a lot of hours last week and depending on kids to keep up with laundry etc. I go to take my shower it 5:30 am. As I trip over toys laying everywhere trying to not wake anyone. Kids are all still in a sugar coma from the boxes of Chocolate consumed the night before. No clean towels to be had not in either bathroom, unfolded laundry basket or dryer of half dry clothes. I find a semi clean towel that our toddler has been dragging around as a security blanket. I go take my shower and as I grab the towel/sucurity blanket to dry on I find a valentine peep smushed into the towel. I pull the peep off and use the towel anyway. And this is how I survive a house with so many kids. Roll with the flow.