Useful Tutorials

So spending time on facebook recently seems to be never ending tutorials on how to apply makeup, eyebrows, or conturing. Tutorials on hair styles, up dos and braids, messy buns and twists. Or the never ending pages of opening oysters to find the pearl to put into jewelry. While i'm sure these are valuable tutorials and there must be a call for them or their would not be 749,000 of them on facebook every day.

As for me if I can find a tutorial on best way to clean poop off of walls, sign me up.

How to teach kids how to use toilet paper, make sure said toilet paper makes it into toilet without using a whole roll would be amazing.

How about a tutorial on how to get them checked in to the psych hospital in less than 6 hours.

How to get strangers to quit staring or asking stupid questions "or yall on a field trip" when you go on a family outing.

How to pick friends that don't unfriend you with each new child you take.

Or a tutorial on what to do with your other 6 kids while #7 is having a screaming cursing tantrum.

Tutorials with muppets teaching kids to repair the holes in the walls from their last tantrums.

Those would be useful tutorials that I could use.