Showering in a big family

There are a few challenges we face when having a house full of kids. Many years ago when we first began fostering and adopting I had a rule that only I could use my shower. I wanted one thing that was just mine and I did not have to share. Well that was not a realistic goal with a house FULL of kids. So my standards changed and now my only rule is just that all kids have to shower at night so I have hot water in the morning.

My morning usually goes something like this. Get up before anyone else so I dont have to wait for the bathroom. (Usually does not work) so get up and stand in line for the bathroom. Keep yelling to hurry up and get out of MY bathroom. Then finally get in to find no towels. Lay clothes on counter to go in search of towel. Not to be found in other bathroom. Go to wash room and find a somewhat dry towel in dryer. On the way back to bathroom realize it smells bad because the laundry chore was not completed and now will need to be rewashed because it is soured. Go back to my room in search of a previously used towel. Find towel and return to bathroom where someone is locked in brushing their teeth. Once again wait to get into bathroom. Finally get in to find toothpaste on clothes that I previously left in bathroom to ware to work. Go back to bedroom to find different work clothes. Back to bathroom run out son that is gelling his hair. Finally get in shower. Banging on door from grandson that he needs to see me. Kick toys out of the way. Go to use shampoo that was purchased two days ago to find that it has been emptied and filled with water. Use half of the bottle to get enough lather to wash hair. Forget the conditioner its empty. Razor has been used to shave stuffed animal (hair still in it) Get bar of soap and find teeth marks in it????? Finish shower and dry off to grandson still beating on door and see fingers sticking under the door.

We really need to complete that third bathroom we started a few years ago.