Burn Out

For many years (14 or more) I have spent most of my time working, living and breathing all things foster, adopt. It started out simple enough. We were going to adopt one child. Then it went into ok we adopted three now we will foster one teen because I can still work. Then it was ok yes we can foster a couple of more. Ok yeah, we were only going to foster basic level care, then it was ok we will take those two that are so hard that they cant find a home for. Maybe we can keep this one that has had 23 placements.
Then came the calls from the school the being sent home the visits to the psychiatric hospitals and  visits from the police. Before long to much chaos and I was a stay at home mom. Well, a run between school, hospital and police mom any way.
I looked for services and not a lot of support out there. So I started a support group.
Then two months ago I was at an adoption conference in Nashville when one of the leaders made a comment about how you have to have out side interests. So I take a step back and look at my life.

Mom to 20. Grandma to 4. Work as a foster home developer. Facilitate two support groups. Serve as president for Council on Adoptable Children of Texas.  Have a web site on parent coaching and a popular blog.  Have a attorney on waver for adoptions and other court things with my kids. Im tired. My whole life is all things foster and adopt.

Im not complaining this is the life I chose. But I just realized  Im just a tad burned out. So I stepped back and stopped the support groups with hopes that someone else will pick it up and see the need to continue. I stepped down from COAC president and left it in the very capable hands of Linda Hughes. For the last 6 weeks I have concentrated on being a mom and grandma. I have folded books like the one above. Lots of books. Still working as a foster care licensor, that I have to do. This is my first blog in weeks.

All this to say take care of yourself or you cant take care of others.