Days Like This

Every summer my kids all beg to go to Schlitterbaun. This is not a cheap or easy thing to do with as many kids as we have. So a couple of months ago my daughter and I was speaking on a panel at a foster recruitment event and there was a radio station there. I won 4 tickets to Schlitterbaun from radio Hank FM. My kids were very excited and this was great even though we would have to buy more this would really help. So almost daily they have asked when are we going. So finally we decide that today would be a great day to go. We spend the day yesterday trying to find discount tickets for the other 5 we have to purchase looking for the best deals. We finally decide HEB has the best deal.So yesterday Deahl goes and purchases the other 5 tickets and buys the food to take into the park in the ice chests.

We set alarms at 5:00 AM get everyone ready load the cars stop and gas up and get on the road so we will be there by opening time at 10:00 AM. Just past Waco I have a blow out on my car. We stop change the tire and back on the road. We get almost to Temple (almost half way there) when I tell my daughter to get the tickets out of my purse and put them all together. As she pulls them out she reads not valid on July 23rd. OMG have to tell 7 kids half way there that we cant go was not a pretty picture.

So we stop at Collin street bakery to sooth the sting with cookies and pastries. Drive back home and as we are getting out of the car my daughter says Mom the baby is broke out. She is covered in a rash from head to toe. So I load her back into the car take her to the ER. Two hours in the ER they send us home saying its only a viral rash just has to run the course give her tylenol. Nothing we can do.

All this happened before noon. So now Im back home with a sick baby. Husband and kids at the movies.

Mama could not have imagined days like this let alone survived them!