Returning from Camp

Those of you that are not familiar with Royal Family Kids Camp need to learn about it. This camp is primarily for foster kids 6 to 11.  The Camp at Granbury will take adopted kids as well. My kids have been going to this camp for the last 8 or 10 years. My youngest was the only one in that age range that was able to go this year.

It was really hard to let my baby go without older siblings to watch over him. But he survived and so did I. So today he came home and I had to work. So when I got home I knew he would have plenty of stories for me of the huge fish he caught and the ghost stories told.

He meets me as soon as I walk in the door, hugs me tight and says "Mom you have to adopt one more, well really three more because he has a brother and sister.  He said he has been in foster care a really long time and I told him my mom adopts kids all the time. So can you call Stephenville and find out what foster home he is in and adopt them?"

So if any of my Facebook friends happen to know a foster home in Stephenville with a sibling group with one named Blake please let me know.