Hard Core Fostering

Today I was thinking about fostering and the many friends I have made through my years of fostering and adoption. There are two kinds of foster parents. There are those that do selective fostering. Most of us go into it as selective fostering. Only taking a certain age, race, behavior, diagnosis or disability.

Then somewhere along the line some turn into hard core foster parents. These are the the Moms that instead of calling the agency and putting in 30 day notice and saying I can't handle this or I didn't sign on for this Stand up proud and say challenge accepted. These are the Moms that buy lysol by the cases, they consider a win if they get up in the morning and don't have to wash any pee sheets, They know how to duck a punch, patch holes in sheet rock and rewire ceiling fans that have been pulled out of the ceiling because someone tried to play superman. They have frequent flyer miles at the psych hospitals, on first name basis with local police officers, and know what to ask for at ARD meetings. They can fill out monthly paperwork at the same time they are making the weekly meal plan and grocery list. They live in a state of crisis and don't even consider it crisis. This is their normal. They see beyond the brokenness and see the possibilities in these children. I am proud to have so many hard core foster friends.

Every Memorial day weekend COAC hosts a camping weekend for adoptive families. There are about 35 adoptive families camp out with all of their children it is a chance to be part of something great and be around other families like yours. We always fill up and have a waiting list. If you are not a member of COAC I urge you to join.