Being a Big Family

Being a big family you always get strange looks, curious stares, and crazy questions. We were at the movies when someone asked if we were on a field trip. Are you a day care? What kind of organization are you with? While on vacation we were asked to not bring everyone in to a gift shop at one time ( so no one went in) At a restaurant in Rockport we were told we could only order water to drink because it  was to hard to take that many peoples drink orders. So sometimes the questions and comments are kind and some are not so kind.

The strangest thing that ever happened was when a pickup stopped at our house and was talking to our hispanic son who come and got me because he can't speak Spanish (neither do I). This lady could not speak english and had three little kids in the back seat. The oldest was about 8. The boy was able to translate for her and she wanted to know if this was the house that takes in kids.

We take our kids to our local DQ for blizzards every few weeks and when they see us pull in the drive the employees start fighting for who is going on break.

We started out with small beginnings and never planned on having 20 kids. When we went to our first informational meeting we said we would take one. That was some 14 years ago and here we are. God had different plans for us.