What a successful spring break looks like at our house

The kids have been on spring break this week. I have worked all week and they have had doctor and dentist appointments. So not much fun. My 20 year old daughter asked if they could get silly string and glow sticks and play outside last night. One of the neighbor kids is sleeping over. I told them they could but to keep it down I had to get up early for work and was going to bed.

I can hear them outside playing and laughing but I fall asleep. About 10:00 I am awoke by one of my kids saying Mom the police are here. I go out and all the kids are sitting in the living room like little angels saying we didn't do anything. So I go out officer is on his way to the door. He says is everything OK? (He has been here before ) A neighbor a mile away called in said she heard a kid screaming help.

I explained kids were on spring break and invited him in. He came is and all the kids were throwing each other under the bus saying she was the one yelling. He was laughing. I apologized and told him I would have them keep it down. He said no let them play its spring break.

He leaves and my daughter says Mom I would call that a successful spring break. We had enough fun the police were called, but no body went to jail.