Stress or Passion?

This week we had our monthly support group meeting. The main subject was extended family and friends not understanding our calling to care for children. All the families present seemed to have the same experiences across the board. 

People don't understand how we choose to care for other people's children. How we put ourselves in the firing line day after day to be accused of fostering for the money. When in reality they don't see the money that is pored into replacing broken items and patching holes in the walls from the numerous tantrums. The time spent in 24 hour care, setting up at night with the kids having night terrors. The driving to doctor, therapy appointments and family visits. The strangers in and out of our homes. The case workers, therapist, CPS workers, attorney ad-litems etc. So that we can be told you are not my real parent. 

Friends and family do not understand why we have to be so structured and what they call strict because if our kids get out of routine it can throw them into a total 4 hour melt down.  

People don't understand how or why we no longer attend family events. How we have to replace the stolen items and watch our children around other children. Why we have made new friends because we need to be around people who understand what we deal with. 

You ask how or why do we do it?

Working hard for something we don't care
about is called stress,
Working hard for something we love is
called a passion