I have not blogged in several weeks. It has been a tough time in the Rooks home. We have been in crisis since the first of the year. We have had two suicide attempts by one of our teens in the last 6 weeks and she is waiting paperwork for involuntary commitment in Wichita Falls State hospital. Does that give us any comfort that she will finally get the help she needs? Not really, this will be her second time there.

What do we do as parents when we have exhausted all resources? Therapy, medications, out of home placements, hospitals, bio family. Nothing has made a difference in 10 years. Even the other kids are burned out. I realized the other day by the conversation in the middle of the grocery store. " Mom don't forget to get more bleach she drank all of ours". This would be a normal conversation in no ones home but ours.

In prayer this morning I answered my own question as to what do we do. We keep loving her even when she tells us how much she hates us. We keep seeking help even when we are told there is none. We keep praying for her even when she tells us she does not believe. We love her as God loves us.