Adoption The Second Time Around

Tonight we got to celebrate as a family two very special events. Precious joined our family 4 years ago today. The other big event was our daughter Alexy's 21st Birthday. Alexy came to us as an angry teenager. We were doing respite for a family over the weekend and met our future daughter. 

Alexy's story is a little different than most. She was born in Moscow Russia. She was adopted into the US by a wealthy family and then when things got tough Alexy was placed back into the system. 
She has not had it easy and therefore has not made it easy on others as well. We were blessed to meet Alexy and then to get to adopt her into our family when she was 17. 

We have watched this angry young lady become an amazing mature, loving, hard working and kind person. Everyone loves Alexy and I am so blessed that I am the one she calls MOM.