Coming Back

As many of you know a few weeks ago I took a job with CPS as an investigator. It sounded good at the time and my thought was I would still be able to help kids just from the other side. The problem was I could no longer be involved in all of the outside activities I was a part of. I had to step down as president of Council on Adoptable Children of Texas, stop leading the local foster/adoptive support group, no more blogging, no more face booking and no more working with families. This was a huge sacrifice as all of these things had been such a huge part of my life for the last soooo many years.

My first call I went on was at a school the little boy was the same age as my youngest and I could see my sons face in this young mans face. The scared deer in the head light look. Every child we spoke to I could identify one of my children with  every dirty home was where my child had came from. After two weeks with CPS I resigned my position with them.

Although i have the highest respect for these amazing people on the front lines this job is definitely not for me. So February 1st I will be working for Catholic Charities as foster home developer for their refugee program. I now will be able to do all of the things I love to do and continue to work with families.  My web site is partially up sign up now for monthly parenting tips for kids FROM hard places and parents IN hard places.