Being the Youngest of 19 Children - Guest Blogger Bubba Rooks

The best thing about being the youngest is you never get bored because there is so many kids around to play with. The worst thing is you get made fun of being the smallest all the time.
My brothers and sisters say Im a Mama's boy and thats true. I like being a Mama's boy because I get pretty much what I want.
My favorite brother is Charlie because he is the only one that does not make fun of me. He is funny and fun to be with.
Favorite sister is Alexy or Hallie. Alexy because she plays with me outside. Hallie because she, I don't know I just picked her.

At dinner time its like being in a big hotel with lots of people and everyone has to share one table.
At bed time people are always walking around the house so its hard to go to sleep. In the morning we get woke up for school and it seems like 1000 people and everyone is trying to beat each other to the bathroom in case someone pees on the toilet seat.
Then we have to get dressed but me and Kegan and Jordan wear pretty much the same size so we get each others clothes and sometimes we have to look for something, then mom says that does not match go change. It takes forever and I can never find my shoes. Then we all run out and try to beat each other to the bus to get the best seats and the bus is really crowded once we get on it.

When we go somewhere we all get in the van and it is so loud you cant hear each other talk because Kegan is so loud. Outside on the trampoline I get pushed off a lot.
I get in trouble the most for not cleaning my room. I usually go in there and shove clothes in hampers even though they are clean and I get in trouble for that almost all the time pretty much.

My favorite thing to do with Dad is to go on road trips because he puts on cool old style music. My favorite thing to do with Mom is sit in her lap and watch TV.

My advise to someone being adopted into a big family. Never brag, be cute, be nice to Mom, never slap your brother because he is bigger than you and he will slap you back.