10 Ways to Avoid Meltdowns

No matter your child's diagnosis there are things we can do to help with behaviors.  Plan ahead to avoid meltdowns.

1. Routine - All kids do better with routine but it is essential in children from hard places. Stay in a routine as much as possible.

2. Planning - Plan ahead and anticipate things that will cause your child anxiety, such as loud noises and crowds.

3. Keep them informed of schedule - Let them know what to expect before you go places or if people are visiting your home.

4. Be prepared with disposable ear plugs for loud noises to avoid over stimulation.

5. Be prepared with healthy snacks. Many times hunger triggers behaviors.

6. Keep them close - Kids do much better when close to parents that are their steady base.

7. Let them know what your expectations are about behaviors before an activity.

8. Make sure your child has had plenty of sleep and rest before an activity.

9. Stay Calm yourself - Kids need a calm adult to be in control and set an example.

10. Put a kids audio book or soothing music on your phone and carry head phones for your child to use when having behavior problems to help with distractions.

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