Christmas light Fiasco

With kids out of school and all the gifts purchased and wrapped I decided we needed to take the kids to see Christmas lights last night. I wanted it to be special so I researched where to take them and settled on Interlocken neighborhood in Arlington. Anticipating a wait, I sent husband to the store for bottled waters and snacks. He came back with Christmas mini cupcakes. Lots of icing for extra sugar and extra energy. I have two of my sons clean out the van earlier in the day to get ready for our outing.

I had everyone take showers and put on Pajamas so we would not have to do that when returning home late. I took meds with us so everyone would stay on schedule as much as possible.  Decided I didn't have enough kids so I asked to take my 4 year old Grandson with us as well. What could go wrong with all that planning?

We load all the kids in the van, strategically placing the kids where they were least likely to kill each other. As we start the van the ignition turns over twice then nothing. The boys had left inside lights on when cleaning van earlier in the day. Even though it was day time they somehow needed overhead lights. We go to get booster cables and they can not be found in any of the vehicles. So to the hardware store my husband goes to get new cables. I attempt to keep kids entertained in van trying to fight them off the cup cakes. 15 min later husband back van boosted off and we are on the road.

We make it to Interlocken neighborhood and the line is not too long. We start the tour as we hear "he is touching me. She is singing Christmas carols and its awful. Make her stop." We threaten then rearrange seats. Then its "can I have a cup cake, can I have a water, can I unbuckle, can I sit in your lap mom, can you make Heather stop singing, can you make Jordan stop farting, can you turn on the air its hot, can you turn off the air its cold, turn up the radio, turn the radio, he is touching me, " (reseat everyone again) "make Jordan stop farting, I need to pee, Im hungry can we go to McDonalds".

Our plan was take the kids back by Dairy Queen on the way home, as even our teens had worn their PJ's and we thought it would be fun to make them all go in to DQ in their PJ's. However we made it up and down all the streets of Christmas light without killing anyone or getting killed eagerly looking for the end of the tour. We handed our meds and cupcakes and bottled waters and went straight home to put all our little darling to bed.

Im always asked how do you handle so many kids? We are very flexible, very very flexible, have a great sense of humor, appreciate the little things and pray a lot!

Merry Christmas from the Rooks Family.