The Struggle Is Real

This was a very hard post to write. I was very hesitant to write this post due to the fact that I never ever want to scare someone about doing foster care or adopting. However I do want to share the real struggle to those of you that think that families do foster care for some kind of profit. But remember as you read this that we chose therapeutic foster care. We took the hard to place children to care for because we were called for this. Some of them we were even called to adopt.

Our weekend began with one of our adopted 15 year olds stealing a cell phone at school. She refused to give it up at which point I was called to the school. After a physical scuffle between 15 year old, police officer and myself we do a search and find missing phone. She is arrested and taken to Juvie over night. Court on Friday morning and she is sent home with a slap on the wrist. Upon arriving home because she is now suspended from school. She spends the day between walking around in a rage, cursing and threatening me, sleeping, threatening to kill self. Police are called out again. She then convinces them that everything is fine and they leave. At about 9:00 PM she disappears and is on the run. We call this in and the police are back again.

Up most of the night worring that she is ok, did she get in the car with a stranger, is she cold, did she take a jacket, etc. Saturday at 2:00 we get a call from police station saying they have an unco-operative teen there and will not give them her name. They want to know if they describe her if I can tell them if it is my daughter. I told them they had described enough for me to tell them it was my daughter. So now Sunday afternoon she is back in Juvie and off to court we go again tomorrow.

So even though our daughter is adopted there are foster families that deal with the same kind of situations over and over so no they are not in it for the money of the fame. ITs for the love and the dedication that we have for these children. If not us than who? Please pray for not only our family but all the families out there dealing with these real struggles.