Today we got the chance for a a long awaited, very rare and much needed date night. It is never an easy thing thing to get time to ourselves (even to go to the bathroom ) but especially time away together.

A very dear friend and fellow adoptive parent Gary Lankford blessed us with a gift card for dinner at our favorite restaurant Pappadeaux Restaurant. We began a week before planning on how we would divide and conquer our lovely and lively children. Since this is the least amount of kids we have had in a very long time we figured it should be easier correct?

We called on our older children. The problem in this is they have lived with these kids and know what they are capable of. So they have been working deals all week. Things like if you take this one I will take 4 other ones. Then no you take that one and I will take these.

So after much changing around and bargaining we settled on two of our grown daughters coming to our house to watch them all. As they come in off the bus our plan is to head out the door. But instead we are met with three kids wanting to go to a school dance and one throwing a fit over wanting to spend the night at a friends house. Then a 3 year old Grandson crying to stay the night.

We finally get out the door and we have a wonderful dinner. It was great to have a quite night that we could talk without being interrupted. Of course the evening was spent talking about the kids. We then spend our evening going shopping for Laundry baskets to go to the laundry mat. Our washer went out yesterday so our Saturday will be spent going to the laundry mat.  Mixed in with various texts telling on each other for various infractions.

Then as we are pulling in the drive at 7:40 our phone is ringing. One of our littles is having a total melt down. As I enter the house she is cowering in the corner of her room. They all swarm me to tell me about their few hours while I was away and then telling me how they NEED ice cream.

Love my kids. Love my family. Love my life.