Multi Tasking

I have people ask me often how I handle my time with 19 kids and 4 Grand kids. The answer is easy I have adult ADHD. Un-medicated ADHD. My mind runs constantly. I never sit still and I multi task a lot. I never watch TV unless I am paying bills, reading a book, folding clothes or something productive. I keep crochet supplies with me all the time. When I'm in a waiting room waiting for my kids appointments I'm crocheting.

My mind runs all night, and I often get some of my best ideas while I'm asleep. I cook dinner, do laundry, clean house all while on conference calls. I have kindle app on my phone and have no less than three books I'm reading all at the same time.  I have no less than 6 crochet projects going at once. I often take two or three classes on line all at the same time. I have certifications in a ridiculous amount of things

I love pintrest so I can find all the great ideas I will probably never have the chance to finish. I may start them but never finish. I over volunteer myself and my time.

The thought often goes through my mind that if sleep was not needed I could get so much accomplished. Best of all I can relate to my kids.