The side of Teens we don't see

Today I am posting a face book post from one of our former foster children. She gave me permission to post this. It is so raw and so real. A side we don't look at or think about when we see these tough teens in the system that are so hard to find a placement for. Emily was a tough placement. Angry, tough all ways looking for a fight. But I am thankful to have been blessed having her in our home even for a short time. I always say I learn from my kids. Im still learning from some of them years after they left our home. I am so proud of the strong young woman she has turned out to be. I always want her to know that no matter how alone she feels. She always has someone to fall back on for support. 

My whole life I've had to take care of my Mother, whether it was picking her drunk up off the floor all those years or being there for after she got beat by the next guy that she chose over kids. Addiction is the most evil thing I've ever seen, it's taken my mom away from me completely. Growing up you look up to your mom, you want to be just like her and I can honestly say I hate the person that my mom has become . It breaks my heart to see her go through this my entire life. She has put scares on her kids that are Beyond unrepairable and she doesn't even realize it. She's a great mom when she isn't drinking or popping pills but all that has taken over her life and now she's just an addict. I pray to God that she gets help and fixes her life. I'm too young to have to bury my mom. I need her to be a mom instead of us being her mom . Hopefully she will learn before it's too late.