Not the typical date night.

As you would imagine with our house full of kids date nights come few and far between. School has been out for what seems like years and 9 days and 8 hours to go before it starts back. Its been a very hard summer with lots of transitions and three of us having surgery, my job changing etc.
So last night I recruited one of my grown daughters to come a give us a few hours off to go to dinner.

Now our plan was go to dinner and then a romantic trip to the store to finish buying school supplies.
We ended up having a very nice dinner at Red Lobster several phone calls came in and we find ourselves on the way to pick up another child. Coming from a placement in Houston. (Lots of details I cant share.) But remember February of 2014 we gave up fostering. This is our 7th child since we stopped.

My daughter told me only I would leave to go on a date night and come back with another child.
I love my husband!