It takes a Village

When Matti came to live with us at 12 years old I was more than a little scared and unsure as to what we were getting into. By the time we took Matti and her brother we had already been fostering for several years and I considered ourselves experienced foster parents. By that time we had already adopted 7 children and once again told ourselves and others we are done adopting. The had a reputation for taking the really tough ones. Mainly with mental health issues and emotional problems. So when they called about Matti and asked us to take them then added she has some disabilities I never flinched when asking what kind. Barbara Drews had been our case manager for a while and knew our family pretty well. She started out with blind and hearing impaired. ( ok I was a little nervous) but said yes. Then she added a long list of other things. Born with cleft palate, cleft lip, no teeth, no tear ducts, no sweat glands. (Ok now Im a lot nervous) Then she adds three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. 
I had never at this time heard of anything like this and by then was in panic mode. I did not immediately say yes I hung up talked to Deahl and prayed about it. I was sure that I would have to totally care for her forever. But I felt that we were suppose to take her. 

Most people have heard the rest of the story and if you have not Google Matti Rooks and there are plenty of things out there about her. But my point today is that Matti will be 20 years old in a few months. There has been so many people that have been a wonderful part to her story. The teachers that have been there to help her through all the tough times. ( Eric Bonin and so many other) The fellow students that have taken her under their wing and helped her through. (Samantha Courtney, Macey Bryant) Her brothers and sisters that admire her strength and love. The church family that has encouraged her and prayed for her. Kyle Embry and Project 7 for making her a part of their ministry team. 

Last week Matti was given an amazing gift. As I said Matti was born with no teeth and medicade does not cover things like this for children. So two amazing doctors Dr. Opedazana and Dr. Draper at Archpoint Dental gave Matti the gift of teeth. She was in surgery 6 hours as they did 6 bone graphs and did dental implants. Matti has real teeth for the first time ever. She is still in a lot of pain but a beautiful smile. 

I want to thank everyone that has been a part of raising Matti you have made my life and my parenting so much easier and blessed a very special young lady. God is smiling!