Different Chapter Same Book

Today is my last day working for Centers in Post Adopt services. I am going to miss the many families and the great co-workers. I have met some amazing, loving, brave parents. It is a time to start a new chapter in my life. I hope to still work with many of you. I am still doing much of the same thing. I am now private contracting with agencies and organizations to do parent trainings and parent life coaching. ( Let me know if you want me to send info to your agency or organization)

Im still around and still available. I will still be doing online trainings (Next on line is understanding adoption subsidy and negotiating the 18th) and in person trainings periodically. (This weekend is Youth Mental Health First Aid in Keller) I will still be leading the support group in Burleson( we meet the second Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30), i'm still the president of Council on Adoptable Children of Texas. (We are still needing a few board members, volunteer recruiter and coordinator, Grant writer)

I will be spending my free days working on building the Peer to Peer support program throughout the State of Texas (email me for more info on this).  We will be doing both a parent and teen peer to peer support program.
I will be working on completing my school work a few more classes to get my degree in Christian counseling. Completing my certification as a clinical aromatherapist. Looking forward to having more time to complete these things.
Most of all looking forward to finding out what God has in mind for my next chapter.