A year ago last January we made a difficult decision to stop fostering. This was a hard decision for us because we had done it for almost 15 years and it had really became a way of life. So reluctantly we gave it up. I went to work full time and things really changed for the rooks family. It made it a little easier working still in the same field with Post Adopt Services. However since stopping I have had several calls asking for us to take kids. I as always have said yes and we have had 4 kids over the last year. 

Some of our children have graduated and moved out on their own and we are down to 9 kids. This is the least we have had for a very long time. But no more back up to 12. As of tonight we will be having 3 more kids join our family. Our youngest is 9 and we will be getting a 9, 3 and 18 month old girls. Another fictive kin placement. Why is it that we are getting placements quicker now that we have quit fostering than we did when we had a license to do so? 

Now I have my kids calling me saying Mom I have a friend that needs some help......
Can't say no.