So as most of you know, last year we stopped fostering after a very long time. I didn't miss it as much as I had imagined I would. I think because I am still working in the same field with foster and adoptive families plus I have been going back to school so I really have not had much time to miss it.

So people always tell me I volunteer for everything and I have also been trying to cut down on a few of my commitments. I turned over the leadership of the Food outreach at our church and stepped down from being on the child welfare board. Thought that would free up some time.

What I don't volunteer for, my children volunteer me for. One of my daughters has some friends going through some tough times and CPS was involved with their 3 little girls. Girls were placed with Aunt. Aunt has a medical condition ends up at hospital. So my daughter asks me for a favor and now I have three little girls. 2,3,9 years old.

Today is day three and these little girls and my own out of school for the summer are kicking my butt. What ever possessed me to take 12 kids at once and how in the world did I do that for over 12 years?

This is supposed to only be for about 6 weeks I just pray this does not drag out forever.