The Things we Learn on Family Vacation

We decided to take a last minute trip to the beach with the kids before school starts back. Off we go in two vehicles and 15 kids. We all learned so much on this trip.

  • When you look up a map on your GPS and it gives you hours a 6 hour drive is really an 8 1/2 hour drive when you have 15 kids with you.
  • When you stop for gas and restroom break with 15 kids you really need to do a head count before getting back on the highway.
  • If you are one of 15 children and get out to go to bathroom you should let someone know you are going in.
  • When booking rooms on priceline don't trust pictures of the hotel even if it is a great location.
  • Location, Location, Location is not everything.
  • Check for any warning on beach BEFORE going swimming. (such as due to recent floods there is a large amount of sewage in ocean and advising not to go swimming)
  • If you go to a popular beach and its not very crowded it may be more than just because it is a Monday.
  • When Grandson says medicine is icky and you give it to him anyway, he will throw it up on you.
  • Biggest lesson learned. When Mom tells you to stop arguing and you continue she will load everyone up at 8:30 at night and drive 8 hours back a day early. ( and when I say Mom I really mean Dad will drive and Mom will nap)
We did have a great trip, did some really fun things. Kids got to eat seafood with their hands at the Boiling Pot restaurant. Took them on a ride on the harbor ferry. Got to swim at an uncrowded beach and made lots of great family memories.