The rest of Family story 2

So we h had left off at the girls getting suspended from school. The young lady gave me permission to use her name and pic. So this beautiful young lady is the angry, tough fighter that came to us at 15.
Suspended from school before the bell rang on her first day. So a few months later we are getting another teenage girl. They are bringing her from Midland area over 5 hours away. She arrives and Emily meets her at the door and says you ever touch my stuff and I will kill you. (Now they were to be room mates) So we get Precious all signed in with case worker, case worker leaves and I ask Emily to help Precious get settled. So she goes into the room that they share with another teen girl. Emily starts moving the other girls stuff and she enters the room. They get into a fight that my husband has to break up.

We get Precious out of the room. The girls continue to fight, police are called, another teen girl in different room has asthma attach passes out ambulance is called. So Precious first day at our home we have two sheriffs cars a police car, ambulance and fire truck all in our front yard. Two girls in hand cuffs, one being worked on by EMT and Precious is sitting on the couch with our then 7 year old eating pop corn.

That is when I knew Precious needed to be a part of our family. When you can just roll with the flow.

So skip ahead a few years. Emily left up but and I would have not held much hope for her future with her anger issues. She is now one of my friends on face book. She has grown up to be an amazing young lady. Independent, works, goes to college and I just adore the young lady she has become. I thank God I got to spend the time with her that we did. Cant wait to see what God has in mind for her future.