Family Story 1

When you have lots of kids you have lots of funny stories. When you add a variety of kids from different back grounds and situations you end up with some great stories. Families that have never lived the life of foster care would be horrified at the things we live through and are able to laugh about later. I am sharing one of our better stories.

One of our young ladies (to remain nameless) was going through some real depression as many kids do just before an adoption is final. She was not only depressed, one particularly difficult day she had mood swings all day and as evening came she had gotten more argumentative. We were talking to her about going to the hospital when she went into the middle of the road in front of our house. We live on a very busy farm to market road that is very dangerous.

So I had talked her out of the road just as my son gets home from football practice. We are preparing to take her to the hospital when she takes off running down the middle of the road she is very athletic and strong. By then it is almost dark. Our son is sitting on the couch, no shoes on and playing on the computer. I tell him he has to go get her as I knew I would never catch her. He takes off after her as my husband gets into the van to go get her.

So picture this a 5'2" blond teenage girl running down the middle of the road. Very large black teen 6'2" 280 lbs. tackles her under the street light. Cars are stopping, as a white 15 passenger van pulls up he throws her over his shoulder and throws her in the back of the van with her fighting the whole time.

We were expecting to have police, swat team or someone to come knocking but never happened. Guess our neighbors are used to the craziness. So many will ask did you adopt her anyway? YEP we did. She now lives on her own and is a stable happy young lady. She is also able to laugh at this story.
Love that girl and so very proud of her.

I hope that this will give some of you struggling with teens some hope that things do get better.