Cultural Diversity

If there is anything I have learned in being a foster/adoptive parent is the great value in cultural diversity. Many people specify the kind of child they are willing to take including race and ethnicity. I was one of those people many years ago when I started this journey. But foster care and the children I have come into contact with has made me a better person. Our adopted children include Caucasian, Hispanic, bi-racial, African American, American Indian and Russian.  I no longer make a distinction between the races and feel outrage when someone makes a racist remark or joke (often my own children ) I have learned to enjoy the diversity of our children and the children that have came through our home.

A few years ago we got a placement of a 15 year old African American teen girl six foot tall and very athletic. We at the time had a 4'11" Russian girl that was 17 years old. They shared a room, both were hot tempered. On one particular occasion after a disagreement the 15 year old punched the 17 year old in the face. So we break up the fight and the little Russian girl calmly leaves the room and goes to the kitchen and returns with a cast iron skillet. Lucky for me Deahl was at home and interceded before it went any further and he only sustained a few scratches when one threw a lap top at the other and he stuck out his arm to intercede.

Both girls eventually went on to other homes and other things. Both are friends of mine on Facebook and I would take either one of them all over again. It's not easy moving into a new home and new community with new people and as a foster or adoptive parent we have to realize there is an adjustment period. So just because things are a little crazy and you don't think you will be able to handle does not mean they will not settle into your family and find their place. So hang in there all of these kids need a safe, loving and accepting home.