4th of July and Fire Works

I hope Everyone had a great 4th of July. Around our house we did the usual that most American families do on the 4th of July weekend. We did a cookout followed by fireworks. This is the first year we have been able to set off fireworks in almost 15 years. Because this is the first time we have not had foster kids in that long. So we have always just watched and not participated because we believe in treating all of our kids equal and we felt it would not be fair for adopted kids to set off fireworks while fosters watched. There has been many years of whining and complaining about this. So my kids waited in much anticipation for the chance to set off fire works.

Something that the average American family does not understand is OVER STIMULATION. By now the foster and adoptive families that are reading this can predict the rest of the story.

So with great anticipation they waited for the colorful fireworks. (We only had one mishap and that was when a firecracker went off in Dad's hand.) Well to make a long story short our beautiful fireworks that were supposed to bring joy to our children was set off,  however the over stimulation was more like this....

Sometimes we get caught up in all the hype of being like the "Average Family" We have to remember that we have to look at all we do through the eye of trauma.  So fellow foster/adoptive family we survived one more nuclear fallout.