Fathers Day Reality

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Foster and Adoptive Dads out there who step up to fill an empty void. It is not easy being a Father to kids that have never known a Father, that knows nothing of having someone strong and protective stand up for them. They have never been taught to respect and trust men. They have only seen the negative in men.
Our Fathers day started with one running away. Call to Sheriff department. Two visits from sheriff's dept. Many phone calls. Convincing Deahl to go to church with the other kids any way. I would stay home and take care of this and he needed to go to church and Celebrate Fathers day. Load up other 10 kids half way to church one has major melt down. He brings her back home. I have her doing extra chores.

Child number one waltzes in like she had went out side to play instead of running away. Cant understand why we would call the sheriff's dept she just needed some air. Call sheriff's dept back. Depuity back to talk with her. Her being rude. Calls to everyone I had called that she has returned. Returned with more attitude than she left with.  Biting my tongue and Reminding myself it would not be a good fathers day for hubby if I'm in jail.

People in the real world have no idea the things we deal within Holidays that should be times to celebrate. I have so very much respect for all you foster adoptive Dad's out there. May God bless you today.