Fathers Day Guest Blogger Deahl Rooks

This is about Fathers Day to a dad who has kids that don't know what a Dad is.  Fathers Day was kind of a surprise to me in 2000 when Patti and Kati came into my life. Having never been a dad, I sure wasn't expecting it that first time. I've always tried to do something for my Dad, even if it was just a phone call, but it never cross my mind that I'm a dad now. I've learned a lot in 15 years, 13 of which I was a foster and an adoptive dad. Things like kids not respecting dads because they were abused by their dad or not expecting a dad to be at a football game, band concert, a church play, playdays at the end of school or going on field trips to the zoo. I've come to realize that I can't expect my kids to give respect to me like I give to my dad, just because he is my dad. My kids have to be reassured daily, sometimes hourly, that I won't hurt them. 
Most of my kids don't know what it's like to have a dad that always loves them and would do anything in his power to protect them from any harm. They just know how to take care of themselves without anyone's help. They don't understand that they don't always have to stand up for themselves, that's a Dads job.