What we learned this week

Today at dinner we talked about what we learned this week and came up with some interesting things. 

  • One child learned that if he spends the night at his friends house and you are seen by your parents walking around the neighborhood after dark without calling parents you will lose you phone you could have used to call them with. 
  • Two children learned if you crawdad fish with your bare hands you will get pinched. 
  • One learned to never sleep in the bunk below your brother that wets the bed. 
  • One child learned that the phrase "What the Hell" is actually cursing.
  • One child learned if you threaten to hit someone over the head with your skateboard you will lose that skateboard.
  • One learned not to say Im bored around Mom.
One said he did not learn anything this week. So I am taking that as a personal challenge to teach him two things this week.  :)