The Other Side of Mother's Day- Guest Blogger Precious Rooks

Growing up hoping from home to home and being exposed to many “mother figures” was hard. For me on that day I didn’t have anything to do that day. I watched the commercials, the songs, and listened to the other kids in my class talk about their mom. About how they couldn’t wait to give their mom a card they made in class. Although my little brother who I have taken responsibility for since I was 7 years old. Who never knew my biological mom so, on this day where he was to honor a mother he never had. He would come home and give me papers about mother’s day but it would have the mother crossed out and sister in its place. Of course he would do this when we had a foster mom. We could sense the frustration that seemed too radiated off of them. We knew that they wanted some flowers or a card.
But with our biological parents still whispering into our ear of hopes and dreams of being a family again. It makes it hard for us to give our foster mom something. Why? Because we felt like we were betraying our mom. The lady that gave birth to us…because that what mothers are right? Well that’s what the commercials say, the songs, and the kids in my class say. It is not till now that instead of the commercials and such making me mad because my mom is not the one tucking me in bed each night. Or the one making me dinner or helping me with homework. She’s not the one arguing with me about staying up to late on a school night, or taking care of my brother when I should be daydreaming about boys. Not thinking about if he is making friends and doing okay in school.

Now the advertising on mother’s day frustrates me not because of those things but because they don’t know what a real mom is. The women I call mom did not give birth to me. She did not watch me grow up my whole life and we do not look alike. However she is MY mom and she is the one my little brother gives papers from school to, she gets the flowers and chocolate. Why? Because to us she is the mother who gave birth to every single one of us. She is the one who shaped us into the person we are today in the matter of 3 years. My mom is not the one in the commercials but she is the mom that I want to be when I have my own kids who will call HER grandma.