Rainy Days and Kids

I used to love the rain. I thought it was so cozy to cuddle up and watch movies with the kids when the rain was coming down outside and you were closed in.

Well it has rained for days. Everything is flooded. Kids have had enough of each other. Three day weekend. I have went through my whole bag of tricks. We have baked,  broke up fights over who had to wash the pans, played with play dough, broke up fights over who got what color,  played multiple games, broke up fights over who cheated, Played jinga, broke up fights over throwing the blocks at each other, Watched Movies, broke up fights over what to watch, who controls the remote, who is closest to the TV, Did chores, broke up fights over who didn't do their fair share.

On top of all of this I have been sick the past few days. Eleven kids two bathrooms sick Mom. Every time I run to the bathroom there is a child in there.

But after the rain all things are new. That is what I'm praying for anyway.