God is Good!

I was in somewhat a state of panic last week. One thing you have to understand is that I hardly ever panic. So a couple of weeks ago I was told that I needed surgery on my stomach. After the MRI they said it was pretty serious and the needed to do the surgery asap. ASAP was Monday because there had to be two surgeons available. The surgery was supposed to take three hours to complete.

My panic was not over my own health but panic over thinking that my family needed me to be home taking care of things.

They told my husband that I would be in the hospital for at least 3 days but maybe 5 days.  Then home for a week of recovery. The doctor was anticipating having to removes my stomach.

When they did the surgery it was very minor compared to what was expected. Doctor said that is not at all what the MRI looked like or the Sonogram either. Surgery lasted one hour. They released me a few hours later to go home. God really answered prayers. But thats not all of the blessings. They just keep coming.

Then we had dinner delivered to our home last night by Steve and Maria Rager. Then Jacob and Sara Snodgrass delivered enough food to last several meals tonight. I want to thank you all for food and prayer.
I'm currently coming down off the pain meds and still very sore but doing great considering.