Exciting Weekends

When you are a foster/adoptive family it is not often that you get the pleasure of taking the family out to eat. Mainly due to cost. A trip to McDonalds can easily be over 100.00. Not to mention unpredictable meltdowns and behaviors. But yesterday was a special occasion as Kyree celebrated his 15th Birthday. We ventured out to Mexican Inn. We made it throughout he whole meal with no spills and no meltdowns. Thank you Jesus.

Today we celebrate another birthday,  Benjamine turned 7. Next weekend we celebrate another and then we will have three more to celebrate before the end of the month. So there will be plenty of Cake at the Rooks home this month. 

Never a dull moment to be had around here. I traveled to Austin on Saturday to do a teen anger management class for adoptive and foster teens. I took two of my girls with me more for company than anything. But they slept all the way there and all the way back. We had a group of about 15 teens and while I am teaching the class we are talking about anger triggers. How stress can trigger anger. We then talked about using coping skills. One of the boys about 13 raised his hand and I call on him in the middle of the class. He says out loud (and we are doing this class in a church) Are you aware that Masterbation can help with stress. Just when I think I am beyond being shocked.