Baby sitting The Night Shift - Precious Rooks

My mom and dad’s anniversary was this last Wednesday so I volunteered to watch the little angels. Which is weird on my part because usually I am volun-told to babysit or make dinner. My parents where in need of a much needed night out though and most of the time I have to force them to even leave the kids for a few hours.

The kids where more than excited to have a “fiesta” as they call it when mom and dad leave the house. So throughout the evening as the kids finished their chores we began games. The game was just for fun asking the kid’s questions if they answered right they got candy. If they answered wrong thy got ice in their shirt. So about a couple hours into the games, complete with a whole bag of candy, and two boxes of cookies. They begin to act as though I gave them 50 caffeine patches. My younger brother Kegan is severally HDHD and has the voice similar to nails on a chalk board. So when he gets ice down his shirt and candy running through his veins. He falls from his chair and begins to wiggle around the ground as if he was possessed. While screaming on the top of his lungs the kids laughing and watching him struggle on the ground. All while my sister Ashley continues to make it worse by throwing more lice at him and help him off the ground. Never a dull moment.