Transracial Families

Some of my children decided that they wanted to cook Easter Dinner and they want to make Soul Food. It's not a small feat cooking any meal in our family but considering it's a Holiday there will be at least an extra 10 mouths to feed.  They give me the grocery list to buy the food needed. I went to our local Walmart and they do not carry Collard Greens. My son said Mom you will have to go to a town with more Black Folk to get Collards.

Then there are the times that I am with my grown (in body anyway) african american son and people see my younger kids and think we are a couple. (That is totally disgusting)

Then there was the time I went with my best friend Theresa (also african american) when her husband (white) to the ER and the nurses and doctors come in and start talking to me and ask her what relation she is.

Or when she had a white foster child and we were at an event together and a lady grabbed the little girl by the hand and pulled her away and said I will help you find your mommy.

People look at my husband odd when he is walking along holding hands with our teen daughter. Thinking they do not belong together.

I have to say I love being a diverse family.