I am working on my certification to do Reflexology or as my son calls it relaxology. I really enjoy doing it and thought it would be a good way to connect with my kids. So I have started the part where I actually practice what I have learned in my classes. I have not had time to practice on all of them yet, but almost half of them have experienced what it is like.

So far I have had some great response from the kids. There are a couple, that will not let me try it on them but they are the ones that don't like to be touched. Kyree has a weird obsession about not taking off his socks so he would let me do it if he could leave his socks on and thats not an option. Ashley says its just weird for people to touch your feet even if it is your Mom. But they are hearing from the other kids how great it is so I have faith they will come around.

Jordan (that is my quietest) does not really like to be touched. He loved it and asks several times per day "can you just rub my feet"  Bubba just takes off his socks and sticks his feet up every time he is around me or when I walk by.

I was practicing today and in the pic above you can see they were lined up with feet sticking out trying to be next.