Up at 2:30 AM. All I hear is the squeaks of the house and snoring. It is my quite time. I wonder how many other foster/adoptive Mom's are up right now because they need a quite few min to themselves? Or because the need to catch up on the never ending pile of laundry, Someone forgot they needed something baked for the bake sale, need to clean that living room while no one is in it, Paint the bathroom so it will dry before little ones get up to touch it, etc. etc. Or just simply because your mind will not shut down. Yes I admit a lot of it is my ADHD. But if I didn't have ADHD I would not be able to keep up with these full of energy children.

Their have been many sleepless nights and interrupted nights over the last 15 years of foster/adoptive care. Im sure there will be plenty more. Ten more years until my youngest is 18.

I am up a lot, for the reasons stated above and more. But more than not I am up because God has put it on my heart that one, or several, or all of my children need a situation prayed about. While my strength, wisdom, stamina, and resources are limited Gods is not.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."                 ~Albert Einstein~