Home Repairs to the Mansion

When you are a foster adoptive home much of your time, effort, prayer and money is spent on home repairs. If I had a dollar for every hole I have patched that has been punched through from an angry teen, I could pay off my car.

You spend your free moments patching holes, painting walls (covering over art work, angry words and drawings or just covering up where they peeled the paint). Daily ritual of plunging toilets or paying plumbers for fixing and removing things that were never meant to be flushed down toilets. (under ware they soiled, tooth brushes they didn't want to use, matchbox cars, bars of soap they didn't want to use, graded papers needing signed, sisters toys, whole rolls of toilet paper etc.

Lots of repairing electrical items from them trying to rewire electronics, overload plugs, cutting cords off or tying ceiling fan to bed and turning on just to see what will happen.

We have removed a whole house of carpet due to children that through anger would use the floor instead of the toilet. Pretty sure there is more than 50 layers of paint on each wall.

One bedroom has had the door taken off (due to slamming of doors and replaced then only to be removed again) that the door facing needs to be replaced to keep the door on.

Dressers have to be replaced frequently due to overloading of clothes and bottoms falling out of drawers and being used for stairs to climb on. There are layers of gorilla glues in each drawer.

We are frequent flyers with the used appliance guy. Due to overloading washers and dryers or the washing of rocks, screws, play dough, markers, pens, and yes even lizards.

We have repaired broken windows in house and cars that have been broken by rocks, unloaded BB guns, toys and sticks.

We can not keep bikes in one piece or mowers fixed.

So this my friend is why I laugh when you say "wow 19 kids You must live in a mansion".