Easter at the Rooks home

Some of my kids convinced me to have soul food for our Easter Dinner. Can't say That I have ever done that.

For the last 53 years I have had ham and mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. Today I had ribs, potato salad and collard greens.  It was not an easy dinner even though others cooked it. Three days ago Tyran gave me the list he needed to cook.  I went to the store and bought 4 packages of ribs and surprisingly not, they did not carry collard greens at our Walmart in Godley Texas.

Upon arriving home and having my boys carry in the groceries and put them away. The next afternoon while getting ready to cook dinner I find the ribs sitting out (since the day before) still in the bag on the other side of the bench. So 40.00 worth of ribs get thrown away. I take out a brisket and send husband back to the store for more ribs. He goes to two stores and no ribs to be had.

I go into Winco and find ribs only to be hit on by two black men inquiring about why I am buying so many ribs and who is going to cook them for me they are sure that I don't know how to make ribs. I tell them my son is making my ribs for me but thank you. They then tell me if I eat more ribs I can put some meat on my bones. So leaving the store I call my son to tell him the story and he says go back in and see if they have collard greens Mom it sounds like you are in the right place for them.

So my son forgets to come by and start the ribs on Saturday night and I get up Sunday morning to frozen ribs because the kids wanted to make sure they did not leave them out again. They did however leave the brisket out all night and it too had to be thrown away. So in the oven to thaw goes the ribs, Early morning church service and back home. Son shows up to cook ribs on the grill. Daughter made potato salad and white daughter still made deviled eggs. Best friend came and made our Collard greens and we had a soul food Easter.

Things are never easy at the Rooks home. But they are never boring.