Another Birthday

Around our house we have birthdays quite frequently. Today is Nico's #12 Birthday. So this morning I was in a deep sleep when I am awoke by my cell phone ringing. I search for my phone in the dark and look at the screen to see it is Precious. I have that few minutes of panic that every parent of a teenager has when awoken by the phone, thinking the worst of course. Only to have Precious say Mom were you asleep? I just called to wish Nico a happy birthday. 

Now this seemed crazy at the time coming from the girl that you can not speak to before 10:00 nor make any sudden moves around her before 10:00. To say the very least not a morning person. 

I then get this text:

New blog post for you Mom. When I moved around from home to home. I was used to always being the first one to tell Nico happy birthday. But that was only when we were in the same foster home. When we were in separate foster homes I would at least had to call early in the morning to tell him Happy Birthday. I think thats one of the things that suck the most about being separated from them. The fact that you can't tell your brothers that you love them or happy birthday. I think thats what tore me apart the most. Because in a normal family setting you can always tell your siblings happy birthday. However when you are in a different home than them you can't really do that. Depressing but true. 

So she is forgiven for waking me up!